Supreme 90 Day Supreme 90 Day

With the help of the Supreme 90 Day workout system you can get into better shape,... 

TurboFire TurboFire

TurboFire is an exciting new exercise system from Charlene Johnson that focuses on... 

Turbo Jam Turbo Jam

Chalene Johnson with Turbo Jam fills every workout with calorie-burning kick-boxing,... 

Weider X-Factor Door Gym Weider X-Factor Door Gym

If you don’ have a lot of room in your home for bulky gym equipment, then the... 

SolarFlex Mat SolarFlex Mat

If you do Yoga or Pilates then you’ve probably heard about classrooms that... 

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Mouse Chaser Cat Toy Mouse Chaser Cat Toy

Your cat is going to go crazy over the Mouse Chaser cat toy! This is a battery powered... 

Tell Bell Tell Bell

The Tell Bell is a dog training device that house trains your dog. It allows the... 

Spotless Paw Spotless Paw

When it comes to pet care, I am at the top of the list when it comes to owners who... 

Potty Patch Potty Patch

A couple of months ago, there was a news report on TV here in St. Louis about three... 

Pet Zoom Sonic Pet Trainer Pet Zoom Sonic Pet Trainer

For most people who havent ever learned how to train a dog or cat, it can be really... 

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Big Boss Blender Big Boss Blender

The Big Boss Blender is a compact blender that is so touch, it can crush ice and turn it into snow. Do you love margaritas? How about a daiquiri? You can do all that and more with this amazing blender with a 300 watt motor. When you use the Big Boss Blender, you are in constant control over how find you want to chop things up. With the simple. easy-touch... [Read more.. ]

Chef Basket Chef Basket

Every once in awhile a new product is invented that makes life easier and we wonder why nobody ever thought of it before. The Chef Basket is one of these new products that has changed the way I cook and has made my life easier in a small, but big way. I do a lot of cooking in my home and I am the convenience queen when it comes to doing things the simple... [Read more.. ]

TastiWave TastiWave

I saw the TastiWave cookware advertised on an As Seen On TV infomercial, and I though it would be perfect for cooking at work, since all we have is a microwave. I have been using this to make really awesome meals at my office, I can literally fry, bake, steam, grill, and so much more with it. Some of my coworkers have even started using it to make their... [Read more.. ]

Sharper Image Super Juicer Sharper Image Super Juicer

If your one of those people who have been weary of using a juicer because your skeptical about the health benefits, then you need to keep reading. Making juice in your own home will save you hundreds of dollars a year, and you will be so much healthier. Never drink preservatives again. With fresh juice, you are getting 100% pure juice, no more corn... [Read more.. ]

Smart Spin Smart Spin

Nothing drives me crazier then a cluttered kitchen. We all know that one of the big contributors to kitchen clutter, is food storage containers. They build up in every kitchen over the years. As we lend them to people to take home, and people bring them into our houses, we end up with nothing but a mis-matched mess. With this awesome new gadget called... [Read more.. ]

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