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by Amy  
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BraineticsAs an adult, I have always struggled with math and been limited by my poor skills. When I turned 28, my neighbor and I were coupon shopping one weekend and she noticed that I was having trouble calculating some price deals in my head. She asked me if I was always bad at math and all I could think about was how badly I did in every one of my math classes from 5th grade on.

I did feel a little embarrassed about being a grown woman and not being able to do simple math in my head, but that’s when my neighbor helped change my life forever. She had been using something for her son Billy Jr. called Brainetics Math & Memory System. When she first mentioned it to me, I was apprehensive because I remember back to the old days when I got with flash cards and I cringed at the thought of using them again.

Brainetics changed my life. This system has helped me overcome some of the hardest issues I have had with math and now I can do math in my head without even having to think hard about it. I could not believe that this system that worked so well for kids actually helped me, a 30-year-old, grown woman. I am so blown away that after all this time, I am thinking clearer and I am able to do math that has taken my entire life to learn!

If you have memory or math problems like I do, then you need to try Brainetics. It will change your life, the life of your loved ones. Absolutely every child needs to use this as part of their curriculum and any adult who needs to get a good refresher on their math skills should give it a try also.

Benefits Of Brainetics:

  • Learn to create an excellent memory
  • Learn expert math tricks
  • Earn the confidence you deserve
  • Discover the potential you have to learn

Praised by the Chicago Tribune as “genious”, Brainetics will help you teach your mind to work like some of the renown mathematicians you see on TV. By training your brain to remember everything you learn that is important, and forget all the bad information, your brain will work like you never imagined.

What You Get With Brainetics:

  • DVD 1 – centered on directions, focusing and finding patters in numeric groups.
  • DVD 2 – trains you to overcome anxiety from math with entertaining games.
  • DVD 3 –  teaches shortcuts, making advanced math problems much easier.
  • DVD 4 – train your brain to multi-task, allowing to do several tricks at once.
  • DVD 5 – focused on mental organization and brainetics tools.
  • Flash Cards
  • Playbook – 64 full pages of tutorials, games, advice, and explanations that continue with the material learned on the DVDs
  • Game Cards

Order a 30 Day Trial of Brainetics For $14.95 or pay in full for $149

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