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by Amy  
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Tiger LightThe Tiger Light is compact, can fit in your pocket, and is the greatest tool for self-defense. This is the best, non lethal protection tool available.

The Tiger Light uses a high strength blinding light to surprise any perpetrator. It also uses very powerful pepper spray that will stop any who tried to hurt you or your family.

You can spray double the amount of pepper spray that you can get from a standard pepper spray dispenser. Tiger Light T100 will coat your attackers respiratory system, and stop them in their tracks. Used by law officials, and even the military, Tiger light can give you the safety you are entitled to.

Tiger Light looks like a flashlight. An extremely bright flashlight. It has all the same features of a concealed weapon, and is designed to use maximum effectiveness.

TigerLight T100 includes:

  • 2 Test Canisters used for practicing
  • 1 Max-Red USA Pepper Spray Dispenser
  • Adjustable hand strap, padded for comfort
  • Safety & Instruction DVD

Tiger Light Features:

  • Attacks the respiratory system
  • Compact design for your purse or pocket
  • Used by law enforcement & military
  • Uses bright light and pepper spray
  • Can be used by anybody, 18 – 80
  • Looks just like a flashlight
  • Double volume sprayer
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